[feb 13th]

This is just a quick post about what I’m doing at the moment! I think it’d be a nice idea to try microblogging as well as proper posts on this WordPress. Pretty much everything on this blog is just me testing out different things – can’t commit to writing about a certain thing in a certain way until I’m sure it’s for me!

So, at the moment I’m working on a final assignment for my library studies this trimester; that’s due in about three days so I’ve mostly been spending time on that. Once I’m finished with that I’ve completed all of my Trimester 3 work! And then about two weeks later Trimester 1 of 2017 begins. That means another attempt at managing my time better and taking aesthetically pleasing notes and even blogging about how very Tumblr my study habits are. This happens every trimester until my motivation dies about two weeks later and it’s back to scribbled notes and no I won’t be tracking how much water I’ve been drinking thank you very much. Still, now that I’m going to be a full time student I’m going to have to get better at time management (or rather, energy management) if I want to pass my courses.

I’m currently reading both The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Juliet Takes A Breath by Gabby Rivera. Particularly looking forward to reviewing Juliet Takes A Breath; it’s been a really spectacular read so far. I reserved it at the library around early January and I picked it up a few days ago. I’ve been really happy with how much I’ve been reading this year; reading more was pretty much one of my only New Year resolutions. I made another Goodreads account to record what I read this year, and of course this WordPress is here for that too. And this is probably the 12th WordPress I’ve started :/

Here’s to getting things done and moving forward, then. Hopefully I have a review of Juliet Takes a Breath up here soon!


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