[feb 16th] the port hills fires

Now that I’ve submitted my final assessment for this trimester, I’m free to write on here some more. The major event of this week has been the fires that have been spreading across the Port Hills and threatening some suburbs in Christchurch.


The fire started four days ago; the air was filled with so much smoke that the harbour looked blue, and little pieces of ash were raining from the sky. More than 1000 people have evacuated their homes and I think 11 houses have been burned down.

I’m lucky enough to be far enough away from the fire that my house isn’t in immediate danger. It feels weird right now because even in the middle of something bad happening, I feel kind of detached from it. Like I’m seeing it as something bad that’s already over, something that’s in the distant past? I don’t know. I deal with a lot of things by pretending they’re not happening, which is good in some situations but not so good when I apply this to essay deadlines.


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