world of tomorrow [review]

I just finished watching a short science fiction film called World of Tomorrow, and I really really liked it so I wanted to share it on here, along with a few of my thoughts on it. It’s 16 minutes long, and was created by Don Hertzfeldt.

The two characters in the film are Emily Prime, who is a young girl, and a clone of Emily. Emily’s clone contacts her from the future, and takes her on a journey through the Outernet. Together they go through a number of memories, and Emily’s clone explains how the world has changed. She also talks about a number of jobs she has had, as well as how she had fallen in love with a rock, a fuel pump and a clone of a man named David.

I absolutely loved watching this. It was funny and horrifying in equal parts, and the story was so clever and unique! The style, the music and the very different voices of the two Emilys made this a really incredible film. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film. Overall it has won 42 awards.

You can watch World of Tomorrow here:


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