On Reading

The best New Year resolution I made this year was to read more, and it’s been the resolution that I’ve been doing the best job of keeping. I’ve read a handful of novels over the past couple months, and I’ve been working to fit more reading time into my day.

It’s nothing like when I was a kid though – I used to max out my card every time I visited the library. I’d carry bags, backpacks – even a suitcase on wheels sometimes – and once I got home I’d stack the 30-odd books in an unlikely-looking tower in the corner of my room, just to see how the spines would look together.

Maybe compared to when I was a kid I’m not really reading much now,  but what with library studies and my mind being arid, I don’t have the time or energy to be the obsessive reader I used to be. I’m okay with that though! Nobody has as much time as they did when they were kids. It doesn’t make me less of a book lover.

I want to keep up the reading, and I want to start posting some reviews on here too! I’ve started following a lot of bookstagrams, and they’ve been super inspiring – maybe I could start taking aesthetically pleasing photos of my books too?

If you like, let me know in a comment if there’s something that you like to make time for in your life!

(IMAGE SOURCE: http://memories-mint.tumblr.com/image/154258059470)

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