Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? [review]

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is a collection of personal essays and stories written by actress and comedian Mindy Kaling. I generally don’t read memoirs, but I wanted to branch out – also I love Mindy in The Office, so I was looking forward to seeing what she had to say.

Mindy’s writing had a super friendly tone, and she’s a good storyteller. While I didn’t find the majority of her stories particularly interesting, she had a way of telling them that held my attention for the most part of the book.

Mindy talks about her childhood, her nemesis of a bicycle, her babysitting years and her rise to fame as a writer and actress. She serves up plenty of opinions while she’s at it, listing her top ten favourite moments in comedy, what she thinks the perfect guy should wear and do, and her favourite tropes in romantic comedies.

Once you’re three-quarters through the book and chapters such as Why Do Men Put Their Shoes on So Slowly? start to surface, it feels as though the book has run out of places to naturally go. Some of the essays seem to go nowhere and serve just as ways to fill up the second half of the book. After the first half of the book I began to lose interest as the essays seemed drawn out; I also wasn’t particularly interested in the essays on things such as how many pairs of jeans and shoes the ideal man should own, etc.

Overall I thought this was a fairly entertaining read, and if you’re into memoirs by relatable female comedians, this should be right up your alley. The author’s unique voice and chatty writing style make this stand out. Maybe this wasn’t my cup of tea so much, but it might be yours.

☕☕ [2/5 cups]

I’m pretty new to reading biographies; if you like, leave a comment with a memoir/biography that you’ve enjoyed!


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