four female youtubers worth watching.

On the surface, YouTube in 2017 is a bit of a trash heap. You have a page of ‘recommendations’ that are essentially just Vine compilations and videos of people chopping iPhones up with knives, and you have a page of ‘Trending’ videos that are…still the Vines and knife videos. For a while I’d been avoiding trawling through YouTube; people seem to be getting 5 million+ followers for posting clickbait and videos of ‘triggered feminists’. Ew.

As of late, however, I’ve been looking past the spam and hunting for YouTube gems that deserve more attention. Today I wanted to write about three YouTube channels that I genuinely enjoy. I recommend you go check them out; their content is original and funny, and they are all wonderfully creative people! They’re proof that you can create good content in 2017 without falling into the usual YouTube sinkholes of clickbait and ‘triggered’ jokes. There’s hope for the internet yet.

1. Lucy Moon.



Lucy Moon is a YouTuber from London; she is also one-third of a book group podcast called Banging Book Club, which you can listen to here. I love watching Lucy’s videos; I enjoy how fresh and original they are, and how well-made they are. Her ‘168 Hours’ vlogs are week-long vlogs that are creative and beautifully edited. Her videos range from covers of songs to baking videos; she shares her thoughts on music, her favourite poetry books, being organised and anxiety. I highly recommend you check out her channel, which you can watch here.

2. Mari and Stacy (Geek Remix).


Mari and Stacy run a YouTube gaming channel called Geek Remix, which I’ve been watching for about a year now. At the moment they’re one of the only gaming channels I enjoy watching, and here’s why. While your average YouTube gamer will scream through horror games for the audience’s benefit and be as obnoxious as they like (because they know they’ll get away with it), Mari and Stacy’s videos are different, because they’re genuine. Their playthroughs of video games are fascinating; they don’t talk over the dialogue or detract from the experience, but they add to it instead. They theorise about the plot while playing, talking about feminism, mental health, and whether they’d date a robot (answer: yes, if the robot has a good personality). I highly recommend their channel; watching one of their videos is like playing a video game with friends, and their discussions always make the game playthrough that much better. (Find their channel here.)

3. Carrie Hope Fletcher (ItsWayPastMyBedtime).


Carrie Hope Fletcher is a YouTuber from the UK; I’ve been watching her videos for years and they have always been amazingly creative, entertaining and adorable. Other than being a YouTuber, Carrie is an author, singer/songwriter and actress. She’s well-known for her former role as Eponine in West End’s production of Les Miserables. She has released two singles, and is about to release her third book. I definitely see her as one of the most talented YouTubers out there. She’s such a sweet and talented person, and you should definitely have a look at her content.

You can find her channel here, and her website here. 

I’d really like to write more about my favourite YouTubers, so there might be a sequel to this post sometime soon! In the meantime, check out one or more of these people; they deserve all the attention they get.


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