lucy’s book. (review)

Lucy’s Book by Natalie Jane Prior is an adorable read about a little girl and her favourite book. This is one of the cutest picture books I’ve seen – the story and the illustrations work so well together.

Lucy and her mother visit the library one day and the librarian introduces Lucy to a brand-new book. Lucy falls in love with the book and reads it everywhere – then she starts sharing the book with her friends. The book travels from friend to friend; it becomes a banana sandwich, it goes to a wedding – it even goes to China. When Lucy’s book becomes so well-loved that it gets taken off the library shelves, she must find a way to be reunited with her book.


This is such a nice picture book; the colourful illustrations and the focus on how books can bring people together make this really special. If you ever had a favourite book that you read constantly when you were a child, this book will make perfect sense to you.

☕[5/5 cups]


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