how my first readathon went –

From 4pm Saturday to 4pm Monday I took part in the 24in48 readathon challenge, where the goal is to read for 24 hours in the space of a weekend. I actually managed to do it, too!

I was surprised with how difficult I found it, honestly – I mean, I read a lot and the idea of spending a full day reading books sounded like a lot of fun! It was fun, but it was also pretty draining. I was up reading at 1.30 to catch up on lost hours – I’m going to sleep well tonight I think.

I managed to read a huge number of books, too! About seven or eight I think. When your only focus is on your book, it turns out you can make it through quite a few pages.

I’d definitely try this again, but maybe not when I’m in the middle of a uni trimester next time! Speaking of which though, I have two assignments to finish in the next week and for once I’m actually feeling pretty calm about them. Not sure if that’s a good sign or not.

If you read this, feel free to leave a comment telling me what you’ve recently been reading x

The 24 In 48 Readathon.

So this weekend – well, from 4pm Saturday to 4pm Monday – I’m going to be trying my very first readathon! It’s the 24 In 48 challenge. If you want to sign up for it too the link is here.

The idea is pretty simple; attempt to read for 24 hours in the space of two days. I don’t have much confidence that I can nail the challenge but I’m ready to try! I have quite a few books that deserve my attention.

– Tem