On Baking & Perfectionism

On Wednesday I baked brownies for the first time! They were fudgey and warm and delicious and everything that good brownies should be.

I don’t make things very often, and when I do they often go wrong. Not necessarily wrong enough that they could be considered a disaster or failure – just not what I had in mind. As someone who has highly unrealistic expectations in all things, this isn’t so good. If things don’t turn out exactly like I imagined them, it feels like there must have been something I could have done better.

The brownies were a success; they did stick to the pan a little, and they might have been a little too crumbly, but I was the only one who noticed those things, and they were still the most delicious and perfect of all brownies. It feels good to be able to make something and not be left with a feeling of disappointment. The secret is probably not learning to look past imperfections so much as actually trying to make something in the first place. The more you do, the more you’ll get right. Most importantly, the more you try, the more brownies you end up with.